Researching Circle Singing groups in UK and France.


Janey and I are going to create regular circle singing groups for which we are willing to travel generally in the South West UK. To this end, we want to go and participate in some regular Circle Singing groups that already exist.


If you have any leads that we could follow up please let me know. We can travel to London or further and are both going to Northern France/ Belgium for the first two weeks of April. Already scoped out one in Liege. Getting excited!

Comment below or use the contact form or write a post on Circle Singing South West FB group.

2 thoughts on “Researching Circle Singing groups in UK and France.”

    1. Would love to come up. Bit of a trek for us from Cornwall but we have a campervan to facilitate such journeys. Easter we are off to France for 2 weeks. Maybe looking at something in May.
      Thanks for getting in touch.


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