May 22nd 2022, Jam Session

The Bay Horse Inn – Totnes

7.30 to 10.00

The first hour is John Walter – piano and Sam Norman – bass.

We then open up the floor to jammers.

In the last few months we have had a handful of great singers, a squad of saxophonists, a man with a suitcase full of harmonicas, the odd bass player, guitarist and a beat poet.

We play everything from Trad to Modern. Bebop, swing, funk or latin – we can handle it all. Originals work fine if you keep it simple and within the Jazz umbrella.

If you want to jam with us prepare two tunes and know the key you play it in. We can usually take it from there. If you have a chord chart or lead sheet that would be great.

The setting is relaxed and intimate, no one will judge you, it is not a competition, just a cool place to relax and try out your jazz-related ideas.