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Chet Baker Songbook Project

So this project started after my daughter Holly took her own life. I had just started learning “you don’t know what love is” I started listening to more Chet Baker and learning more of his songs. He seems to have a particular voice for tragedy and led a tragic life himself. 6 months later I have a full evenings performance worth of songs he either sung or played. I feel a particular connection to Holly when I play the songs as she was an accomplished singer herself. The sets will be dedicated to Holly.

Heres one. 

Now I am bringing in other musicians, a trumpet player, a guitarist. At first, it was going to be the standard trio of piano bass and drums with a trumpet player. Now I am exploring replacing the drums with a guitarist, thinking that will give us a more intimate and mellow sound.

Next step is finding promoters and venues to take us on.