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May 22nd 2022, Jam Session

The Bay Horse Inn – Totnes

7.30 to 10.00

The first hour is John Walter – piano and Sam Norman – bass.

We then open up the floor to jammers.

In the last few months we have had a handful of great singers, a squad of saxophonists, a man with a suitcase full of harmonicas, the odd bass player, guitarist and a beat poet.

We play everything from Trad to Modern. Bebop, swing, funk or latin – we can handle it all. Originals work fine if you keep it simple and within the Jazz umbrella.

If you want to jam with us prepare two tunes and know the key you play it in. We can usually take it from there. If you have a chord chart or lead sheet that would be great.

The setting is relaxed and intimate, no one will judge you, it is not a competition, just a cool place to relax and try out your jazz-related ideas.

CUC Challenge#2

Simple challenge. Record yourself playing a new and original phrase at 120 bpm or close enough. Anything can start us off. Drum, voice, instruments. Either video or audio will do. Video is probably easier because you can record it on your phone and post it on Facebook.

I will clip out 4 bars of it and begin to loop them in my software.

Once we have a key or rhythm set I will post a backing track and we can start adding to that.

Please use only original material.

Copyright will belong to Cooped Up Collective.

Who owns the copyright on a piece of work?
Normally the individual or collective who authored the work will
exclusively own the work and is referred to as the ‘first owner of
copyright’ under the 1988 Copyright, Designs and Patents Act.

CUC Challenge#1 has begun

First Theresa Laid down a beautiful djembe groove. I slipped it in my audio editor and evened out the tempo a little and added some drum and percussion to hold it together. Next i added a little piano vamp over it to give it a tonal centre.

Allan took it away and added a popping bass line.

What comes next?

Vincent Touret just sent in parts for Trombone and Trumpet. We now have a starting point for the melody. Other horn players could add to those. (Unfortunately can’t upload them tonight as I am away from home and my phone won’t do it. ) 1st April hopefully. I could email them to you if you are keen.

A guitar groove or some vocal wizadry or a blistering brass line?

Anyone can join in through the facebook page

Download these files to help you all at 140 bpm

UPDATE April 1st 2020 Vincent Touret has added a horn part. Download this 8 bars intro 16 horns 16 rhythm 16 horns 16 rhythm 16 horns.

We now need a vocalist, rapper, guitarist, horn, synth player whatever -to play somet lead line/solo over this,

Image by fabrixx from Pixabay 

Cooped up Collective Launched

I have taken the opportunity of everyone being cooped up at home to launch an online band!

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Anyone anywhere in the world can join. Any instrument, singers, rappers beat poets,….

I have started it all up by writing the tune “Cooped up”.

There is a simple repeating 2 bar groove wich is G7 followed by a C7 with flat9 flat 6 added in. If you are a jazzer and wondering what scale to play – any scale with a G in it will probably do the trick – new and fantastic scales welcome and encouraged.

You can download music and mp3 examples and a backing track on the main page.

Learn the tune or a harmony part or the guitar, drum or bass groove. Or write a new vocal line and add words. Anything goes.

Record yourself playing it. With or without the backing track and upload it to the Facebook Page.

All and any instruments welcome. No limits.

All sorts of opportunities may then present themselves. Maybe a global tour in 2021 linking up all the contributors. Who knows?

For the moment it stops me getting bored and gives some creative connection with the rest of the world.