Circle Singing

Children naturally sing in a harmony that suits their natural voice.

Western society discourages this as being “out of tune” or” wrong”. Field recordings, of African children singing, demonstrate the beauty and the ease with which they sing as part of play in harmony with each other.

Circle Singing draws on Drum Circle facilitation skills and the work of Bobby McFerrin. No musical knowledge is necessary. Beginners and advanced singers will find their place in the circle. We will play with some harmonic ideas tracing the history of music from Medieval times to the present day.

We will discover our natural vocal range. We will explore the importance of connection and how to feel your way into harmony. We will create songs and harmonies in the moment so there will be no right or wrong.

John and Janey Walter have run music and singing groups together for over 30 years in Chanting Groups, DragonFly Theatre, Tribal voice and DrumCrazy.
John spent several years with “The Lost Sound Chorus” who are now performing regularly with Show of Hands.

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Circle singing events:

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