Cooped up Collective

March 20th 2020 – Confined to my flat for the forseeable future.


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1st challenge – go here for updates

“Cooped Up”

Below is a whole piece to get stuck into if you want something meaty.

My solo version of Cooped Up

If you want to join the band it’s easy. Download a backing track below. Download the pdf of the music if you need it.

Play around, have fun, record what you do and send it back to us. Easiest way is WhatsApp 07501 222779

I have done parts for 2 gtrs bass and drums

Just 4 bars midi rendition

So far lead is concert or Eb horn. Harmony is Bb horn. Also put in concert chart for trombone. If you play trumpet or baritone or anything else I haven’t covered then let me know. Happy to create more

This is a midi version of the horn parts. Feel free to add your own expressive qualities. Make it your own.

And here is the backing track. Show us what you can do.

Jazz ABC : African Bebop Cool …..

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