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CUC Challenge#1 has begun

First Theresa Laid down a beautiful djembe groove. I slipped it in my audio editor and evened out the tempo a little and added some drum and percussion to hold it together. Next i added a little piano vamp over it to give it a tonal centre.

Allan took it away and added a popping bass line.

What comes next?

Vincent Touret just sent in parts for Trombone and Trumpet. We now have a starting point for the melody. Other horn players could add to those. (Unfortunately can’t upload them tonight as I am away from home and my phone won’t do it. ) 1st April hopefully. I could email them to you if you are keen.

A guitar groove or some vocal wizadry or a blistering brass line?

Anyone can join in through the facebook page

Download these files to help you all at 140 bpm

UPDATE April 1st 2020 Vincent Touret has added a horn part. Download this 8 bars intro 16 horns 16 rhythm 16 horns 16 rhythm 16 horns.

We now need a vocalist, rapper, guitarist, horn, synth player whatever -to play somet lead line/solo over this,

Image by fabrixx from Pixabay